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Squirrel loads up parked truck with 158 kg of walnuts

Tuesday, September 28th 2021, 2:50 pm - In just a few days, the squirrel filled up the inside of the truck.

A North Dakota man who parks his truck near a black walnut tree on his property was faced with a large cleanup after a squirrel decided to store its walnuts - all 158 kg of them - inside the vehicle.

Bill Fischer tells WDay the furry perp put them everywhere, including under the hood and inside the radiator.

Bill suspects it was planning on camping there throughout the winter.

"I had to pull the fenders off and clean out all the walnuts out, and thought I had them all and took it down the road, turned the corner and found one rolling inside the windshield where the wipers go," he said, adding some of the walnuts weren't retrievable, and they're still rolling around in the truck.

One might think the car had been untouched for weeks, but Fischer says it appears to be the work of a single red squirrel, over the course of just a few days.

It looks like the squirrel will have to re-stock for the winter, but it still has plenty of time. Snow typically doesn't start falling in North Dakota for a few more weeks, and squirrels can collect and bury up to 25 nuts an hour.

Thumbnail image made in Canva Pro by Cheryl Santa Maria. Squirrel credit: DGWildlife/Getty Images Pro/Canva. Walnut credit: Billion Photos/Canva.

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