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Middle River at Weyers Cave Road, VA


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Middle River at Weyers Cave Road Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

Middle River at Weyers Cave Road (Route 256)River Left Access (west side)Beach Worthiness: DBank Fishing Worthiness: DWade Fishing Worthiness: CKid/Family Playaround Friendliness: D Distances to Nearby Accesses:Cline River Road is 7.6 river miles upstream (river left)It is a 5.9 mile float down to Port Republic Boat Landing (river right)Access Description: This is an informal 'Under The Bridge' access point. Parking: A little bit tedious as there appears to be no established parking. Most park on grassy slope along Weyers Cave Road to the NW corner of the bridge. Others opt for the side road (Route 996).The River:Middle River is small here averaging 50-100 feet wide and has normal variety of depths from 1' to 6' deep. This is a pretty float which ends with a bang featuring Class A - II+ rapids. You will notice the North River joins Middle River 1.2 miles downstream of Weyers Cave Road. Pasture and wooded shorelines predominate. Water Levels:1) Avoid Floating/boating when river is over 4.o feet on the USGS Middle River Grottoes Site2) Avoid Floating/boating when there are large objects floating in the river (floods pick these up) or if you are not skilled enough to handle the velocityof flow3) Avoid Swimming in muddy or very discolored water4) When levels are under 3.25 feet at the USGS Front Royal Gauge this float becomes very shallow for floating/boating. Leave extra time. Wear good river shoes. Staying as Safe As Possible:River recreation carries inherent risk of injury drowning or death. Shenandoah Riverkeeper always suggests people use one of the many river outfitters that exist along the river to rent you a tube/boat/raft and put you on an appropriate float. But for people with some experience or those who would like to venture out on their own you may wish to heed some general guidelines Including:1) Bring much more water than you think you'll need2) Wear your life preserver3) Wear closed toed secure river shoes or tennis shoes at all times4) Don't drink water from the river5) Bring wet weather gear even on the hottest days (long summer thunderstorms can give you hypothermia)6) If you have an open cut or scrape keep it out of the river7) If you get a cut or scrape from the river clean it out very very thoroughly right away and make sure no debris/algae or dirt remains in the cut. Disinfect. Keep Dry. River infections are extremely serious. If you suspect infection is developing in a cut after having contact with the river then seek medical attention immediately - emergency care if your doctor is unavailable. Signs of river infection are increasing redness or prolonged soreness increasing swelling wound odor and/or fever.8) In cool weather dress in warm layers. Never wear cotton against your skin and this includes t-shirts and jeans. 9) Be aware of where you are in the river and become familiar with what your take-out point looks like if you're doing a float so you don't miss it and get stranded after dark.10) Avoid wild animals11) If thunderstorms develop you should have a plan which usually includes finding a place that reduces your chance of being struck by lightning and/or being hit by a falling branch or tree in high winds.12) Fish and boat with a partnerHistory:
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