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Malibu Surfrider Beach, CA


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Malibu Surfrider Beach Short Term Forecast

Beach Conditions

Surfrider Beach is one of the most famous surfing spots in the world. It is located between Adamson House and the Malibu Pier along Pacific Coast Highway. Famous for its’ tapering smooth breaking waves and is recognized among surfers worldwide as the gold standard for summertime “point” surf. Status as one of the earliest homes of surfing culture on October 9th 2010 Malibu Surfrider Beach was dedicated as the first world surfing reserve. Popular activities include surfing paddle boarding kayaking swimming and scuba diving. Paid parking and on street parking is available. Facilities have handicapped access restrooms showers and daily lifeguards. On the west end of Surfrider Beach is Malibu Lagoon where located where Malibu Creek meets the Pacific Ocean. It features 22 acres of wetlands flower gardens and a sandy beach. An excellent place to bird watch where more than 200 species of birds have been observed in the lagoon both resident and migratory. This is a unique ecosystem a southern California saltwater marsh. The beach is a rock cobble on the ocean side of the lagoon. A stunning California landmark the Adamson House a beautiful Spanish style home build by Fredrick Rindge’s daughter Rhonda Adamson in 1929 is the showplace of Malibu historical artifacts. Adjoining Adamson House is the Malibu Lagoon museum which contains a collection of artifacts and rare photographs that depict the various eras of Malibu from the days of Chumash tribe. Besides surfing activities include walking nature trails Monarch butterfly watching grunion runs tide pooling and a perfect place to learn to surf.
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