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This week, try to catch the planet Mercury!

8917 views Big Poppa Ross May 14, 2021 New Hamburg, ON Date shot: May 13, 2021

Once in a while we get a chance to spot the planet Mercury as it whips around the sun at a torrid pace. It's often an elusive target as this planet is closest to the sun and often hidden in the sun's glare. For the next few days though, from our vantage point on Earth if conditions are favourable, we should be able to see it in the west just after sunset. Last evening the thin crescent Moon made it easy to find Mercury as it was sitting just to the left and seemed to smiling at the hot little guy only a few degrees away. See if you can spot it now because in a few days it will again be too close to the sun to see. Trying to steal the spotlight and almost sitting on the horizon to the right and a lot lower was the planet Venus, which will continue to climb higher each night and will be visible throughout the summer and even into the fall. Keep looking UP!

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