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Chasing the Moon

1519 views Nature Lover February 27, 2021 Ottawa, ON Date shot: February 27, 2021

Wasn't paying much attention to the moon tonight while driving home. Behind a couple of tall buildings was wedged a bright cheesy orange circle. Wait a minute, is THAT the moon? I spent the next minute driving around hoping to see it again. But everthing was in the way. Trees, buildings, signs you name it. Finally had an opening near the airport parkway. Pulled over to take the picture above. After a long day outdoors with a gamut of weather from heavy snow, icy roads, rain, overcast with a few sunny breaks, it was nice to see the brilliant orange moon. Not officially a full moon tonight at 99.1% full, So, close enough. It's what they call a Waning Gibbous. Still looks lovely to this earthling.

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