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Simcoe Christmas Panorama

24119 views Earl Hartlen December 10, 2019 Simcoe, ON Date shot: December 5, 2019

In 2019, the town of Simcoe, Ontario is celebrating the 61th Anniversary of the first light show of its kind in Ontario, "The Simcoe Christmas Panorama River of Lights". Today, there are over 60 displays, many of these exhibits are three dimensional structures lovingly built by volunteers that will remind you of the department store windows of days long ago. Years ago, the organizers of the town’s annual Santa Claus Parade, abandoned parade floats in Wellington Park after yet another wet and miserable event. Together, they made a bold decision to try something new the following year. They dressed three new exhibits and the existing parade floats with lights and positioned them in the park for all to enjoy at their leisure. The Simcoe Christmas Panorama was born. There's now five weeks of festivities designed to get even Ebenezer himself into the spirit of the season and it's visited by thousands of people from all over Canada and the USA to see this incredible winter wonderland.

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