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37547 views Earl Hartlen January 10, 2020 Vittoria, ON Date shot: December 22, 2019

INVASIVE SPECIES !!! The Mute Swan is of three swan species that occur in North America, the other two being the Trumpeter Swan and The Tundra Swan. The Mute Swan, seen in this photograph, are not native to this continent and are considered a dangerous invasive species brought here by the 1870s European settlers. Since then, feral populations have established and flourished, the largest currently occur along the U.S. Atlantic coast and in the lower Great Lakes region of the U.S. and Ontario, with a smaller population in southern British Columbia. In Ontario, Mute Swan numbers and distribution have increased greatly since the mid-1980s, primarily along the shorelines and within the marshes of lakes Ontario, Erie and St. Clair. They will even remain all winter, weather permitting. The Mute Swans have an orange bill with black knob instead of a black bill. Extremely territorial, they'll kill pets, animals, waterfowl and overtake their nesting. Please, do not encourage them by feeding!

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