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Hunting in Norfolk County, Ontrio

23059 views Earl Hartlen December 2, 2019 Long Point, ON Date shot: November 16, 2019

Long Point, Norfolk County Ontario is one of the prime staging areas for waterfowl in all of eastern North America and a very popular hunting location. Long Point itself is one of the most important wetland complexes for migrating waterfowl in southern Canada, and is reported to receive the highest waterfowl use (based on numbers of waterfowl days during spring and fall migration). Duck hunting here has a long history, thanks to the Long Point Company, a private hunting club, established in 1866, that once owned almost all of the 40 kilometer sand peninsula and its wetlands. It turned the area into a private hunting club and saved it from development. Much of the point was later donated to the Canadian government and in 1986, the United Nations designated a large portion of Long Point a "World Biosphere".

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