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Warmer weather on the horizon for the UK

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    James Herrington
    Digital Reporter

    Monday, April 16, 2018, 13:07 GMT - Hands up if you’re fed up of the cold weather? Well, it’s good news because there are indications that temperatures are finally going to be rising as we head into next week.

    Here’s what you need to know as you dust down the t-shirts and spruce up that bikini!

    Why the change in the weather?

    The change in conditions is being brought about by high pressure which will develop to the east of the UK. To the west will be low pressure and the combination of the two will allow the wind to turn from a cold easterly to a milder south or southeasterly direction.

    The jet stream is also undergoing a change. We’ve been on the cold, northern side of the jet stream for the past few weeks keeping conditions cool and unsettled. However, the jet stream is expected to shift west and north of the UK next week, helping to build the high pressure area, increasing temperatures and bringing drier weather too.

    When will the warm weather arrive?

    Those wind directions changes will allow warm air to waft northwards from the Mediterranean and central Europe, lifting temperatures into the mid to high 20’s Celsius across many central, eastern and southern areas of the UK by next Thursday. The 15-day temperature forecast graph below shows maximum temperatures (red line), minimum temperatures (blue line) and rainfall (green bares) over the next two weeks.

    By Tuesday afternoon we could be seeing the thermometer reaching 20C in central and eastern England, and close to 16C in Ireland. Wednesday brings temperatures topping 23 or 24C across a swathe of England and Wales with 21C in Scotland and Ireland too; don’t be surprised by 25C somewhere in England.

    Things then have the potential to get even warmer on Thursday. Current suggestions are that 26 or even 27C could be reached in England and Wales, 21C in Ireland and perhaps to 23 or 24C in parts of central and northern Scotland. Friday is also looking another very warm day.

    What’s the impact of the warm weather?

    It’s been a long time coming and you may have noticed that the buds on trees in your garden are swelling. The warmth and sunshine next week is likely to allow the garden to burst into life. Soil temperatures will be rising quickly from what are the moment really low values for early April.

    Hay-fever suffers should be preparing too. If you’ve escaped the sneezes and runny eyes so far there’s the potential for a big hit next week. So get the medication ready now, you are likely to be needed it.

    Oh, and remember the suncream too. It’s been so long since many of us really enjoyed the fine life of t-shirts and shorts. Exposed skin is likely to be burning quickly and so cover up, where your hat, drink plenty of water and reach for the sun-block too.

    So how long will the warm weather last?

    The temperature forecast graph shows how warmth arrives in the middle of the week and into the weekend, but by early into the following week, around Sunday 22nd April, temperatures start to slip away again as the easterly wind returns.

    So a few fine and very warm days are on the cards, although this doesn’t yet appear to be the start of anything prolonged.

    And how about rainfall?

    Not only is it good news for temperatures, but indications are that the high pressure will also bring about much drier weather than recently, although there are likely to be a few showers, especially later.

    The country has been suffering from high rainfall figures, especially across England, Wales and Ireland. The ground is sodden in many areas and it is likely to take some time to dry out. Given that the dry weather is likely to last for several days this may well be the window we have been waiting for the finally get the soil dry.

    So is it time to put away the winter woolies?

    Well, we aren’t into mid-April yet and it may be that winds do return to a colder direction towards the end of the month. Temperatures could then slip away again, although not as cold as it is now. The coming warm spell may not be the end of the road for spring, but it will be welcomed by all!

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