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Wind and rain still a feature and staying mild, though something a bit chillier briefly on Friday

This Week’s UK weather: Wet & windy, with chance of snow

Tiffany Curnick

Monday, November 09, 2015, 10:00 GMT -

This Week's UK Weather - 9-13 November: Further rain and wind especially in the northwest of UK but mild for much of the week, although colder air coming in briefly on Friday – and that could bring some snow on the Scottish mountains.

Most of us will be on the rain conveyor belt this week as the jetstream rivers across the north of the UK rushing in belts of rain. The north and west will see the wettest and windiest weather.

Monday night

Monday’s rain will gradually clear to the north overnight, becoming heavy at times in western Scotland. 

The strong winds will persist for many parts of the UK with western England, Wales and western parts of Ireland also seeing outbreaks of rain at times. 

Central and eastern England will remain largely dry and cloudy. A mild night with minimum temperatures of 10-13C


More rain for northern and western parts on Tuesday; almost a repeat performance of Monday. Some parts of western Scotland may see localised flooding Tuesday morning.

A strong rain shadow effect will mean that western areas will see the heavier bursts and to the east of high ground it will be drier. Southern, central and much of eastern England should stay dry, although the odd outbreak of rain can’t be ruled out. 

A breezy day for much of the UK with the strongest winds to the north and west where they may reach gale force at times.

Mild again with highs at 11-16C, perhaps higher in the east of England.


Wednesday sees a three-way split in the weather set-up. It will remain dry in the south and east with a lot of cloud around but some brighter spells will break through at times. 

It will be a brighter day in northern Scotland with some showers to the west. In between these areas a front will bring persistent rain to Wales, northern England and Ireland with the risk of some localised flooding. 

The brisk southwesterly winds will continue, although the air will be cooler in the north with highs of 11-12C. Still 15-16C in the south and around 14C in the rain band.


A drier day on Thursday but more rain will arrive in the west during the afternoon affecting western Scotland, Ireland and Wales with some heavy bursts at times. This rain is associated with a cold front and as this works eastwards it will introduce cooler air. 

It will be very windy again too, especially for the northwest. Temperatures will vary from 10-12C in the north to 14-16C in the south ahead of this cold front.

Clearer, colder air moving in behind the cold front on Thursday night will allow temperatures to dip lower than we’ve seen recently, 4-6C in the northern cities and a light frost possible in some rural areas. It will be windy and wet further south so keeping a frost at bay here.


It’ll be another windy day with severe gales in the exposed northwest. Rain for  northern and western areas.

Chillier on Friday with air temperatures in places back down to nearer the average of 8-9C. We may even see some snow over the Scottish mountains. Around 8-10C in northern areas and 11-13C south so 3-4 degrees below what we’ve seen recently.


The milder southwesterly set-up will return over the weekend bringing further unsettled conditions. Saturday could be very wet and very windy for many in the north and west but elsewhere some rain and wind too. Sunday more rain for the northern half of the UK but drier further south and less windy than Saturday.

Following week, drier and calmer start but it won’t last long – wet and windy again by Tuesday. 

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