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Update: One person dead as hurricane Gonzalo remnants lash UK

Tuesday, October 21, 2014, 15:00 GMT -

One person has died as the tail end of hurricane Gonzalo causes disruption across much of the UK.

Fallen trees and strong winds have caused travel problems, with road closures, train delays and flight cancellations. 

The London Ambulance Service said a woman died when a tree fell on her opposite Hyde Park Barracks.

The Environment Agency have issued a number of flood warnings and alerts across the country, with the Norfolk coast being monitored closely due to a tidal surge and high winds. 

But the story of the day so far is the strong wind. The fiercest have been across western areas of the country with the strongest gust so far recorded at over 70mph in Wales.

The gale to severe gale force winds extended eastwards across the country through the day. A Met Office weather warning covers much of the UK until 8pm tonight. 

Coastal areas of northern Scotland are likely to see the highest winds, with gusts as high as 80mph forecast here.

It is also turning much cooler as north-westerly winds drag in colder air down across the country. In Scotland, showers will turn increasingly wintry on the high ground, with snow likely above 350m.

Heathrow airport advised passengers that around 10% of today’s flights would be cancelled due to the poor weather.

There is also disruption on many roads. On the M74 in Scotland, a lorry shed its load of wood across the southbound carriageway. Speed restrictions are also in force in many places. 

The M48 Severn Crossing was reduced to one lane. The Skye Bridge in Scotland and the Forth Road Bridge were closed to high-sided vehicles.

Ferry services across the Irish Sea and in parts of western Scotland were also suspended.

Train operators said delays and speed restrictions are likely to occur throughout today and advised people to check with their travel operator before heading out.

People in parts of Wales and western Scotland reportedly lost power due to the stormy conditions.

The strong winds are expected to ease later today as the remnants of hurricane Gonzalo drifts away into the North Sea.

Hurricane Gonzalo was the most powerful Atlantic hurricane since 2011. It lashed the islands of Bermuda on Friday, before heading towards Newfoundland, Canada over the weekend.

The hurricane then transitioned into an extra-tropical storm on Sunday night as it raced across the Atlantic towards the UK.

Story published 8.15am updated 15:00

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