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UK set to turn colder next weekend

UK set to turn colder next weekend

Richard Chapman

Saturday, November 14, 2015, 10:00 GMT -

After a week dominated by storms hitting the UK Helen and I take a look ahead to a change in the weather next weekend.

Storm Abigail swept through northern parts of the UK on Thursday night with wind gusts in excess of 80mph reported. The jetstream has been responsible for bringing low pressure systems right across us in recent days bringing with it very wet and windy weather. Now ex-hurricane Kate is bringing yet more wet weather over the weekend as she barrels in from the Atlantic and that sets the scene for the week ahead.

However, the jet stream is expected to change position later in the week and dive southwards and that will put us on the cold side of the jet. As a result of being on the cold side, we are expecting to see temperatures peaking at 5C to 7C next weekend and only just above freezing in parts of Scotland. It will feel very chilly compared to the recent exceptionally mild weather we experienced in early November.

Of course, this change to a more wintry outlook for the end of the month is no surprise if you watched our November forecast videos as we were indicating then that we might see the first signs of winter at the end of the month. Although we are not expecting a major outbreak of snow, there are signals that as rain moves in it could turn to snow over the hills.

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