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UK weather disappointing this summer? This graphic shows why

Source: NASA. Note: Gray areas signify missing data

Source: NASA. Note: Gray areas signify missing data

Thursday, July 23, 2015, 16:00 GMT - If you thought the UK's had a lack of warmth so far this summer, this NASA graphic will prove you correct.

It shows the UK was a bit of an outlier in June with the world as a whole experiencing a record-breaking temperatures in the month

The red hues show parts of the globe that experienced above average temperatures. But it seems the UK was amongst only a handful of countries near the blue areas – suggesting below average temperatures. 

June was a battleground between the cooler northwesterly winds and the warmer air from Europe.

And despite southeasterly winds managing to bring in a mini heatwave at the tail end of the month, the cooler northwesterly airflow kept temperatures for much of the country stymied. 

The Met Office image for June 2015, compared to 1981-2010 average, shows the southeast and eastern coasts of the country saw temperatures slightly above normal but the bulk of Scotland – more directly affected by those cold northwesterlies – experienced lower than normal temperatures. And so far in July, Met Office first half figures show temperatures have been around average for the UK.

Source: Met Office

Source: Met Office

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said globally June 2015 was the warmest it's  been since it starting taking records 136 years ago. The Japanese Meteorological Agency also said June 2015 was the warmest it's observed.  

A strong El Niño is likely to make 2015 another record-breaker. NOAA said the first six months of the year was the warmest on record around the globe – 0.09C higher than the previous record set in 2010; the last time El Niño held sway in the equatorial Pacific Ocean.

So what about the rest of the UK summer? Well, at the moment, it seems the trend we’ve seen over the last six weeks may continue with some warmth piercing in from the south at times but frequent northwesterly or westerly winds bringing in cooler and wetter conditions. 

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