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Heavy thunderstorms brought torrential rain to drought hit Sao Paulo on Tuesday

Floods hit drought stricken Brazil

Wednesday, November 26, 2014, 15:41 GMT -

A heavy rain storm flooded large parts of Sao Paulo Tuesday just as evening commuters were leaving work causing travel headaches and traffic jams several miles long.

A large, dark rain cloud hovered over the megacity of 20 million people dumping a short, heavy onslaught of rain that quickly flooded streets, highways and entire neighbourhoods.

The flooding caused significant disruption to transport, with cars, buses and trains becoming stranded in the flood waters.

The city of Sao Paulo and the surrounding region is in the midst of the worst drought it has have faced in 80 years.

Government agencies said the rain brought some relief, but despite the problems it was causing, it would not be enough to impact stressed reservoirs that collectively sit at about 16% of capacity.

The wet season in this part of Brazil usually occurs between November and January and the forecast is for more rain in the coming days. However, the national weather service has said it will not be enough to replenish the areas reservoirs and reverse the drought.

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