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2014 so far warmest and third wettest on record

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    Friday, August 22, 2014, 18:30 GMT - Britain has had the warmest and the third wettest January-July since records began, according to the Met Office.

    Temperatures may have taken a dip over the last couple of weeks but the average monthly temperatures from January to July were 9.65C, up from 7.7C over the same period last year.

    Britain also saw 727mm of rain in those seven months – equal third wettest since 1910 – and up from 504.7mm last year.

    Met Office spokesman Dan Williams said July was the eighth month in a row to see above average temperatures in the UK.

    But so far in August, the average temperatures have dipped following the arrival of hurricane Bertha, which could impact how the year ends in terms of it being the warmest on record for the whole 12-months.

    For this weekend, some parts of the UK may even see temperatures get close to 0C. Overall however, the bank holiday is shaping up to be fairly decent for many, although it will stay on the chilly side with some rain forecast for Monday.

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