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Nathan Coleman

Nate Coleman headshot

Nathan is a proud Atlantic Canadian who got his start in broadcasting in a unique way; a bad case of the mumps. ;)  Based in our Halifax bureau Nathan brings us the ever changing weather from Atlantic Canada.

Nathan joined The Weather Network in 2012.  Before joining the team Nathan worked as a video journalist at CTV in Halifax and taught English in Korea and directed a short documentary about life at an English kindergarten in the Gangnam neighborhood of Seoul.  

Nathan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Dalhousie University and a Diploma in Journalism from NBCC Woodstock.  After landing an internship at Global News in Halifax his start got cut short when he was diagnosed with the mumps.  CTV called wanting to interview Nathan due to a mumps outbreak and he agreed under the condition that his resume be forwarded to the News Director.  One interview and 2 weeks of quarantine later Nathan started his internship at CTV Halifax.

What does Nathan love about the weather?

Weather is the easiest way to strike up a conversation. Everyone has an opinion. I like hearing all of them. Personally, I enjoy snow.


  • Plays pick-up basketball
  • Movie & TV buff, send him your recommendations!
  • Has big travel plans after living in Asia
  • Worked as a paper boy for the Telegraph Journal
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