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Denise AndreacchiDenise Andreacchi

Having spent most of her life on both stage and screen, Denise Andreacchi's favourite thing to do is talk!

A recent graduate of Sheridan College's Broadcast Journalism program, Denise received a media scholarship and an award for Best Host.

Fascinated by Canadian weather, she couldn't be more excited to join the team here at The Weather Network. "This country is so vast. From coast to coast we see the beauty and mystery in every valley, mountain peak, meadow and shoreline. Every day I learn something new. That's what I love most about my job."

When Denise isn't working, she spends time cooking, walking her dog and practicing Yoga. Shoe shopping squeezes its way in there too!

If you have a question about the weather, cooking or fashion you can always tweet her.

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