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How do I find my city forecast?

There are several ways to locate your favourite city. You can use the search box and type in the city name. search You can also locate your favourite cities on the home page map by panning and zooming the map pan-zoom and clicking on the weather icons to take you there. map-icon


How do I get the weather details like wind, barometric pressure, humidity, ceiling etc.?

As a weather expert, you like to see lots of information! Well, we've got it, once you are on your city forecast page and looking at the current weather, click on the show details to expand and view more weather data that's happening right now! show-details


How do I see all 7-Days in my long term forecast?

To make the forecasts easier to read, we spaced them out but you can click on the arrow to move to the next day next-arrow. You can also view the night time temperatures and conditions by clicking on the night link. day-night


Where is hourly, 36 hours and 14-Day trend?

To help you better plan your day and weekends, we've put all the weather information right at the top of your forecast page. Simply tab through each forecast period to view the time and days you are looking for. tabs


How do I change to Fahrenheit?

Still in love with Imperial measurement? No worries at all, you can switch to Fahrenheit by clicking on the celcius in the main navigation area and choose the fahrenheit option. This change will be global for all pages on the site.


How do I get PointCast?

Just enter your postal code within the search box and press enter. pointcast


How do I use the new maps?

There are a few different ways. On the homepage you can put your cursor on top of a weather flag, which will provide more in-depth coverage on that area. When clicking on the flag, you'll be brought to another page with weather information specific to that location.

On the forecast pages, you'll find our satellite and radar map just below the forecast information. When clicking on the chevron-down, the map will expand and show you the recent information and forecast radar for that location.

You can also see recent satellite, forecast and radar information, Traffic Flow maps for major roads and highways, as well as the current high level weather information for neighbouring cities and towns.


Can I set my favourite locations?

Absolutely! To get started, you can either ask to find your location or enter a PointCast location yourself.

To get a city-level forecast, click “Locate Me” at the upper right side of the page locate-me. Once we've determined your area, you'll be asked to select the exact location you're looking for and to click “Save”. Not only will you immediately go to that forecast page, but that location will be saved in the top right section of the site making it easier than ever before to get the exact forecast you're looking for.

Our 1km weather service PointCast is also available on the new site. To get weather specific to your postal code, click on “Add Location” in the top right section of the site. At that time, enter your postal code or ZIP code and find the weather information for that specific location. This location will be saved in your favourites for your next visit to the site, and tell you everything you need to know about your weather.


Some of the links are blue, some are grey. What's the difference in the two?

Being a Beta site, we realize that there's still some work that needs to be done and we're working on it constantly. While our developers are focused on providing you with the best website possible, the blue links in our navigation dropdown menu indicate that section of the site is ready for you, while the grey indicates that we're working on it and it will be live shortly. We want to provide a robust product for our users and show what our final site will offer.


What do the chevron-down and chevron-up arrows indicate?

These arrows indicate that this particular area can be collapsed or expanded to fit your needs. Once you organize the site using these arrows, those settings will be saved for your next visit, or until you delete your cookies.


Can I reorganize the content? (What does the cross mean?)

Yes! To ensure the site fits the needs of your lifestyle, you can drag and drop the maps, news, gallery, or insider insights sections. In order to do so, click on the arrows and drag them on top or below other sections. You can keep doing this until the sections are organized to your liking.


Can I customize the site?

Yes, and that's what makes us so excited about it! Once you've saved locations, organized the sections and selected your favourite maps, is ready to provide you with the reliable and accurate weather information in the way that you want it.


I like the weather images in the background. How do they work?

The background images of the site will change frequently to reflect the current weather conditions. If it's sunny, we'll display sunny skies. If it's rainy, get ready for droplets on your screen!


What happens when there's a weather alert?

We've done everything we can to keep you in the know. When a location is under a weather alert or a public alert, a red banner appears at the top of the location's page which links to an alert page containing all of the relevant information to the alert: alert details, live cameras, topical news stories, as well as storm tracking capabilities right from your desktop. If an alert is in effect for one of your saved locations, an icon appears in that location on your favourites bar.

When an alert is serious enough that we really need to make sure everyone knows about it, the alert page will be displayed automatically when you first go to that location's forecast page. You can still see the forecast page by clicking on “Close Alert Page” in the yellow banner.


Something odd happened on the site.

We're working through a few things and would love your feedback. To report something please contact us here and describe your experience, so we can troubleshoot to the best of our ability.


I want to share my opinion!

And we want to hear it! Please click here to share your opinion and tell us your thoughts.

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