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The Weather Network's Direct email service has been discontinued.

What can I do instead?

Now you can sign in to your account on the website, save locations and opt-in for weather alerts and public safety alerts for your saved locations.

The same features are available on your smart phone and tablet: you can opt-in for push notifications on your phone, so you always know when an alert has been issued for your saved locations.

How do I get WeatherDirect information?

Sign in to your account on the website, and/or save your favourite locations on your tablet or smartphone. They will be available in a single click whenever you visit the website or open the app. 

Be sure to opt-in for email alerts (website) or push notifications (smartphone), and you will be notified as soon as an alert is issued for one of your saved locations (in Canada and the U.S.)!

How do I get SchoolDayDirect and MarineDirect information?

School locations and Marine locations in Canada can be saved as favourites, and you can opt-in for alerts for school locations too, just like city locations in the example above.

What about Pollen, Bugs and Flu information?

If you are already signed up for these emails, you will continue to receive them. 

For more locations and more detail, visit the website! Bug forecast information can be found on the 36 Hour forecast for cities in Canada, as well as the Cottage and Camping reports.

Flu information is found in the Health and Flu report, along with weather trigger information such as pressure, humidity, and more that may affect your daily health and well-being.

The Pollen forecast is available for Canadian locations as well. Cities within range of a pollen reporting station include a reading and link to the full pollen report.

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