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Recent Questions

How many acres of growing Christmas trees does it take to produce enough oxygen for 18 people per day?
What is a Pingo?
What is the scientific name for sun dogs?
How many gallons of water does a person use on average each day?
How long can a puffin hold it's breath under water?
Which Canadian paper currency does Bill Nye (the Science Guy) carry on him as an example of Canada's accomplishments and commitment to space exploration.
What was the first food grown in space?
A lightning spark can reach over this many kilometers in length...
Where was Canada's coldest-ever temperature recorded?
Our Winter Forecast is calling for a Classic Winter, do you dress your pets for the elements?
A recent study suggest that forest fires take this day off...
Do you regularly check the best-before dates on the food in your fridge and pantry?
Which Canadian hotel holds the Guinness World Record for the most photographed hotel in the world?
The gray jay is a member of this family...
Water expands by approximately this much when it freezes...
What was the greatest single-day temperature change in Canadian history?
The Pacific Ocean contains around this many different islands...
What is the northernmost permanent settlement in the world?
According to the David Suzuki Foundation, what percentage of the waste in our landfills is "compostable, organic matter” that can be diverted?
Which three Canadian islands make the top ten for size in the world?
Are you attending a Remembrance Day ceremony?
How much oxygen does a single tree produce?
Most of the world's French Fries come from this province...
What is the name of the great white shark spotted off of Canadian shores?
Where was the coldest temperature in Canada recorded?

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