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Recent Questions

Do you use only dark sky approved lighting to save our view of the stars?
Do you have enough supplies, such as food, water, and medications, to last a few days if you couldn't leave your home during a natural disaster?
Do you wear socks to sleep?
If you'd like to do away with time changes, which would you prefer. Standard time or daylight saving time (current)?
How many Canadian provinces and territories have you been to?
What was the reason to postpone the Toronto Blue Jays game on Monday?
Would you rather live in the coldest or hottest place in the world all year round?
Does your town or city have an organized textile recycling program?
What is the nicest weather-related chore someone has done for you?
National Gardening Day is the perfect time for gardeners to pick up a shovel for the first time. Will you?
Since today is Friday the 13th, what's the scariest hypothetical situation you could see today?
Which city in the United States has painted some roads white for heat prevention?
What is the last type of precipitation you saw?
Orion Span announced that it will have a luxury hotel in space by 2026. How much is the deposit?
In honour of national name yourself day, do you insist people call you something other than your real name?
Despite today being national no housework day, do you still feel the need to get spring cleaning done today?
On a scale from 1 (keep it around) to 3 (sick of it), how do you feel about below seasonal temperatures?
What is the name of the Norwegian town or city that does not allow the burial of dead bodies?
Where does your winter jacket currently live?
Hylophobia is the fear of what?
Today is national find a rainbow day. Have you been able to find one yet?
What is your least favourite spring chore?
With current technology, how long would it take to travel to the planet TRAPPIST-1 f?
What kind of cloud has large mid-level sheets of thin cloud consisting of water droplets and ice crystals?
Would you buy a car that could also fly, provided the price was reasonable?
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