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Where did the largest hailstone in Canada fall?
There is one arid desert in all of Canada where temperatures can reach as high as 38°C. Where is it located?
Which famous accessory for babies and toddlers was invented by a Canadian?
What is the coldest recorded temperature in Canada?
Yukon Territory acquired its name from the word...
What province has the motto 'Splendour without diminishment'?
Is Hamilton, Ontario, closer to the North Pole or the Equator?
What is the largest freshwater island in the world?
What type of map are contour lines included on?
Until recently, what was the general rule for a heat wave?
How many words rhyme with orange?
Butterflies taste with their feet, true or false?
What do Niagara, Ontario wineries use to protect their tender grapes from freezing?
Which oceanic features were first discovered by the Challenger expedition in 1875?
When did the name Canada begin first appearing on maps?
On June 6, 1944, 15,000 Canadian soldiers stormed which Normandy beach on a day otherwise known as D-Day?
In 1970, there was a major change to the Canadian federal election voting system. What was that change?
Which Canadian province is the largest in terms of land mass?
Canada has a large population of the world's biggest land-based carnivore (meat-eating animal). It is the:
Government-funded medical care was introduced in Canada in 1962. In which province was it first introduced?
Which document made Confederation official and legal?
What is the name of the dried meat, made by Plains Indians and Métis peoples, that became a staple during the fur trade?
Where would you find Canada's oldest rock?
Where is peameal bacon said to have originated?
Where is the stormiest city in Canada?

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