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Men are this many more times likely to be struck by lightning?
The number of asthma admissions to hospital is greater on days with....
Which city in Canada is considered to be the birthplace of Confederation?
The Hochelaga Archipelago, also known as the Montreal Islands sit at the confluence of these two rivers...
What is the longest river in Canada?
Which Canadian province has the most foggy days?
Is a pine cone male or female?
The Canso Causeway connects Cape Breton Island to which Canadian province?
Which month is known for its full Buck Moon?
What 'item' below is the world’s second largest form of litter?
What is the Draken Harald Hårfagre?
Where will you find the largest urban car-free community in North America?
Who received the first transatlantic wireless message on Signal Hill, St. John's, Newfoundland on December 12, 1901?
On July 14 1950, the weather office in Regina, SK, issued the first warning in Canada of this phenomenon...
When did Nunavut become Canada's third territory?
Where in Canada would you find the longest free-suspension footbridge?
A group of monks on Prince Edward Island recently spared the lives of these...
When was the first Calgary Stampede held?
Which of these is NOT an invasive plant species?
How do you keep cool in hot weather?
When was the windshield wiper invented?
Quebec City is located at the intersection of which two rivers?
Do you take extra precautions with your pets during hot weather?
Manitoba was the first province to give women the right to ... ?
In which province would you find the most northerly active sand dune formation in the world?

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