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Who’s the first woman to be celebrated on the face of a Canadian bank note, other than the Queen?
What is your favourite thing about spring?
Which sighting was the first sign of spring for you?
Which river is dammed by the Hoover Dam?
Towards which direction (North, East, South or West) is a rainbow normally seen in the afternoon?
Today is National Buy a Musical Instrument Day. Is there an instrument you would love to learn how to play?
What bird lays its eggs in other birds' nests?
What city in Ohio is known as the Queen City?
In celebration of the Royal Wedding, what breed of dog did Meghan Markle rescue from a rehab centre in Oakville, Ontario?
What colour is an octopus' blood?
What land animal has the longest gestation period?
What was involved in the worst weather situation you've experienced?
What is May's birthstone?
Which of the following do you prefer to use?
Which flowers do you get for mom on Mother's Day?
Which light bulbs do you prefer to use?
What do you do with your printed single-sided copies of paper once done with them?
Rocky Mountain National Park is located in which U.S. state?
Which US state is nicknamed the Sunflower State?
Have you heard about changes coming to the website?
Six major climate regions are polar, temperate, arid, tropical, mediterranean and tundra. How many have you lived, visited or worked in?
If you lived in a lake front home, would you prefer it facing sunrises or sunsets?
Which month is your favourite for taking your holidays?
Do you use dark sky approved outdoor lights so as to preserve our view of the stars?
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