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Recent Questions

What wildlife have you seen this fall?
Today is National Reptile Awareness Day. What is your favourite reptile?
When it comes to planning your day, what weather factor is most important to you?
What animal family is the raccoon part of?
How many consecutive storms have reached Atlantic hurricane status in the 2017 season?
Have you scraped frost off your windshield yet this fall?
Today is National Dessert Day! What's your favourite fall treat?
A Saskatchewan family recently found 75-million-year-old fossils of what?
Where does 2017 rank on the list of major hurricanes for one Atlantic Hurricane season?
Where is the tallest waterfall in Canada?
What is your favourite season?
Since today is Thanksgiving, what are you most thankful for this year?
When was thanksgiving first celebrated as an annual holiday in Canada?
What season were you born in?
When did P.E.I. join Canada?
Do you compost your own leaves, or use roadside pickup?
What river is the longest in Canada?
What's your preferred method to take care of leaves?
Have you already raked leaves this fall?
What fall weather scenario would you prefer?
Earlier this week, something strange fell from the sky in Mexico. What was it?
What is the name of a brand new comet spotted by the Hubble Space Telescope 2.4 billion kilometres from the Sun?
Have you ever experienced a hurricane firsthand?
Do you consider potential weather when you choose where to live?
In the event you are at work when an emergency occurs, how should you prepare?
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