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Recent Questions

Tempura-battered maple leaves are a seasonal delicacy in which country?
How much did the largest squash on record to date weigh?
What is the 'rule of thumb' equivalent in water that 10 inches of snow is equal to?
What is the duration of the current Royal tour of British Columbia and Yukon?
Which is the smallest of the three Canadian territories?
When was the barometer believed to have been invented?
Do you attend fall fairs this time of year?
It was the hottest summer on record for these two Canadian cities...
Beaufort Sea polar bear numbers declined by what percent in the first decade of the 21st Century?
The choice for Canada's National Bird is down to five species, which should win?
How should you dispose of the fall leaves on your lawn?
Scientists in California may have found the on and off switch in our cells that could be the 'fountain of youth'. Would you use it?
Which is officially the first state in the U.S. to ban the use of orca whales in entertainment shows?
The September full moon is also called the...
What is considered to be the deadliest summer weather threat in Canada?
Will you be watching the sky for this week's Harvest Moon?
What is your favourite part of the fall season?
There are more Tim Horton’s per capita in this city than in any other city in Canada...
Which Canadian province is called the land of the living skies?
What is Petrichor?
Dozens of people were stranded overnight on cable cars in this location in Europe...
Where was Canada's first snowfall warning of 2016 issued for?
What has turned the water in the Rideau Canal a swampy, sickly green?

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