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Sturgeon Supermoon!

3937 views Big Poppa Ross August 11, 2022 New Hamburg, ON Date shot: August 11, 2022

Tonight we had the last 'Super' moon of the year. First of all, the full moon in August is called the 'Sturgeon' moon - named by the Native American Algonquin tribe - because those rare fish were more easily caught this time of year in the Great Lakes. It's called a 'super' moon in that it is closer to earth that at other times in the year and thus appears to be larger, but next month and the months after that in 2022, the moon's orbit will take it farther away from earth when it's full. For anyone wanting to catch a few 'falling stars' from the annual Perseid meteor shower which peaks tonight, this moon will only be a super nuisance as it's constant brightness will drown out most meteors. In any case, keep looking UP!

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