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Last nights Northern Lights.

3261 views Miles Jourdain March 24, 2023 Lac la Croix, ON Date shot: March 23, 2023

These were some of the brightest Northern lights I've witnessed in a while. They started shortly after 9pm, yesterday evening. The lights were just on the horizon then. However, just before 10, the aurora became super active. Suddenly, It seemed every where I looked in the sky, it was full of the dancing lights. The sky was erupting with color. Faint pinks, and purples could be seen with the naked eye with relative ease. In order to get these pictures, I walked to the edge of my reserve. I came to the shoreline and set up my gear on the ice. I did this to escape the light pollution and constant people driving by. The walk was worth it. I brought along my flashlight, but it wasn't really needed. Even with no full moon in the sky. The aurora lit up the landscape wonderfully.

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