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Harvest Moon Descends

13189 views Rita Cordeiro September 10, 2022 Toronto, ON Date shot: September 9, 2022

A quick capture out of my window, of the Harvest Moon as it descends in the distance just before sunrise. "Why Is it Called the Harvest Moon? For several evenings, the moonrise comes soon after sunset. This results in an abundance of bright moonlight early in the evening, which was a traditional aide to farmers and crews harvesting their summer-grown crops. Hence, it’s called the “Harvest” Moon." "September Moon’s spiritual meaning is all about balance and abundance. It’s a time to honor and appreciate your home; a time for reflection and gratitude." "Harvest moons are considered a particularly lucky full moon. The Harvest Moon is often the brightest full moon of the year because it occurs closest to the Autumn Equinox." "The moon appears in the mythology of all Northwest Coast nations. It is a guide, a protector, a guardian spirit, a timekeeper, and is associated with transformation."

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