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Comet Lenoard As Seen From Bulls Road

26191 views Andreas Gada Andreas Gada December 21, 2021 52HF+JC Trent Hills, ON, Canada Date shot: December 19, 2021

This was my first opportunity to image the comet in the evening sky. To do that I set up my camera at the south end of Bulls Road near Warkworth On. From this location I had a clear view of the western horizon which was essential. I began looking for the comet at 5:15 and continued to look for it until 6:22. Unfortunately I was not able to see the comet. However, I was able to image the comet at 6:02 pm by pointing my camera to the location where I thought the comet would be and taking pictures. Using my Canon 5D Mark IV and a 200 mm f/2.8 lens, a 3/5” exposure at ISO 3200 I was able to capture this image. Venus is in the top right corner. The comet is on the left side of the frame about 1/7 of the way in and ½ way down from the top. There is a group (4 Stars) in the middle of the frame that point to the comet.

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