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We're  Seein' - Shades of Pink 

965 views Myrna Johnson Myrna Johnson February 25, 2020 Creston, BC Date shot: February 25, 2020

These Creston seniors are in the "PINK". Sitting-planning-getting ready for Wednesday 26th February. The day, we encourage all Canadians to practise kindness-come together-wearing something pink to school-work or out and about-to show that you do not tolerate bullying.  Focus for 2020 is let's "Lift Each Other Up".  Join Canadians of all ages and abilities with wearing pink-in honoring of their stand against bullying. Also known as Pink Shirt Day or Anti-Bullying Day. We are taking kindness to new heights!  A simple, powerful message encouraging us to look beyond our differences-celebrate the things that make us unique. See past the things that separate us-see instead the things that unite us as people and Canadians.  Bullying is a major problem in our schools-work places-internet-homes-for students-seniors and people with challenges-we will not tolerate bullying anywhere. Let's take this message and remember it all year long. #PinkShirtPromise   #PinkItForward

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