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The Five Minute Window

337 views Scott Lepage July 9, 2013 St. Albert, Alberta Canada Date shot: July 6, 2013

The trails are never ending and so are both the natural, preserved and well populated wildlife. What is unique are the sunrises. This incredible display of rose tinted sunbursts were taken with my iphone's factory camera. No additional photo apps were used except the enhance feature. Its thought that if you can catch the early sun at a certain moment just as the first beem cracks through reaching the ground. Then you've got about five minutes to be standing with the Poplar Trees between the sun and yourself. Then you hope to capture, within a few minutes, when the suns rays reflect through the trees moistened bark. When these elements come together the effect is breathtaking, hypnotic as well as the energy you feel puts you in a good mood all day! I'm grateful I reached that spot at that moment because I was biking the trails that morning and I just popped out of thicker trees etc. I rode through the beam and I was almost blinded so I turned back and I'm glad I did. Please enjoy and wish you all a fantastic day. Scott B. Lepage

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