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Did you say Milk Delivery?

674 views Myrna Johnson Myrna Johnson December 6, 2019 Creston, BC Date shot: December 6, 2019

Did you say Milk Delivery? Team of Clydesdales and Wagon - Buffalo Trails Coffee House This afternoon in Creston, BC residents had the privilege to experience and watch an amazing delivery and to honor our heritage. Two beautiful Clydesdales, owned by the Harris Family were pulling a wagon up Canyon Street for a delivery to Buffalo Trails Coffee House. This delivery was special as it was the first delivery of wholesome, flavourful, organic milk and cream from Kootenay Meadows. This milk and cream will be used in Buffalo Trails Coffee House specialty coffees. A wonderful reflection of time, history and our agriculture here in the Creston Valley to honor a new working relationship. Warmed all our hearts to witness this magic moment of the day - thank you. Great team of Clydesdales, gentle, handled the noise, crowd and traffic likes pros - a successful delivery. A great way to kick off a great relationship between Buffalo Trails Coffee House and Kootenay Meadows !

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