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Christmas Cheer - Off in the Mail

1837 views Myrna Johnson Myrna Johnson December 9, 2019 Creston, BC Date shot: December 9, 2019

Christmas Cheer - Off in the Mail Sending some Christmas Cheer to Canadian Troops - Creston Save On Foods Creston Save On Foods was busy place on Sunday with 200+ Christmas Cards being signed by customers in 4 hours. Christmas Cards and Holiday Greetings will be sent our Canadian Military Members serving outside of Canada. Each card was individually addressed, then placed in large mailing envelopes and mailed to various missions around the globe. It means a lot to our troops to know fellow Canadians are thinking about them - mail is important. So off to the post office with more envelopes in the shopping buggy - in the overcast day - nothing keeping these dedicated Christmas Cheer Makers. Cash donations received are being forwarded to CF Morale and Welfare Headquarters. Creston Save On Foods and Customers for taking the time to write, spread some cheer - THANK YOU

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