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Great Horn Owl

10304 views Rey Richards December 5, 2021 Milk River, AB Date shot: December 5, 2021

Last night after our first decent size snowfall this young (spring/21) male made his way into my dog run...I was hoping he would be gone this morning but nope. I called Alberta Birds of Prey Foundation and a nice man came to get him. He's very skinny, a little fattening up and they'll release him in spring of 2022. The man had stopped in Raymond and picked up another young Great Horn male before this guy. Being young and inexperienced hunters and a first decent snowfall there food source is harder to find...expect to find these youngsters appearing in the sheltered areas of your yards. They'll be weak and vulnerable, please call a Bird Rescue, local vet or your local Fish and Wildlife so they can get immediate care. Being scared they will use their powerful beak and sharp talons to defend themselves. Calmly approach with a box with airholes to cover till help arrives via in person or over the phone.

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