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Duck Dance

5394 views Harold Bradley June 20, 2021 Waterford Bridge Rd - Bowering Park, St. John's, NL A1E 1E8, Canada Date shot: March 24, 2021

Domestic Duck and a Manky Mallard. They were doing some sort of head up and head down routine which I'm guessing was some sort of mating ritual and I started to fire hoping I would get at least one shot where the would meet, beak to beak in the middle. I took 36 photos while they were doing this ritual and I got one where they meant beak to beak in the middle. Exif Data: F/22, Shutter Speed 1/1250sec, Iso on Automatic 3200, Focal Length 600mm, Camera Nikon D810, Tamron 150x600mm, Secured on Monopod, Taken Wed Mar 24 2021 in St Johns Newfoundland on The Avalon Peninsula in Canada.

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