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How to measure a large trout still alive and in the stream!

734 views James Roderick McGillawee December 7, 2019 South Oshawa, ON Date shot: September 9, 2013

This is a big male Rainbow Trout in Oshawa Creek near Thomas Street that is just finning in very clear water! After I uploaded this photo on my laptop I noticed the plastic take out food fork laying on the bottom just beside this fish! Most all of such forks are 6" long! Now it is tempting to extrapolate that this trout is in the order of 36" long, but remember the fish is suspended in the water above, and that the light waves are bent as they enter the water from the air and vice versa as they leave [parallax]!!! Regardless of any measuring precision, this is certainly a trophy if caught and mounted!!! I recall that I was where the Joe Kolodzie trail runs along the East side of Oshawa Creek, hence it is likely near the Thomas St. Bridge!

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