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539 views M.D. Silverbrooke November 8, 2019 West Vancouver, BC Date shot: July 16, 2018

Found at a thrift store, the medals themselves are, as I’ve learned online, rather common (hundreds of thousands of each were awarded), but the grouping of the first three ‘Theatre Stars’ is a little unique. They show that whoever earned them fought (1) in the War, (2) in the Atlantic, and (3) in the Pacific. The three silver medals are in fact silver (.800). The Defence Medal, the Voluntary Service Medal, and the War Medal which is inscribed on the edge with a person’s name and the ship H.M.S. Jaunty as well as some numbers. Thanks to a German U Boat site – there is quite a bit of information on the H.M.S. Jaunty’s war record. The lost and found ads have been checked to see if the medals got donated by accident and the manager of the thrift store has been told that if someone comes in looking for them to give me a call and they will be returned.

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