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Golden glow over Lake Nipissing.

1 views Jim Middleton September 27, 2016 North Bay, ON Date shot: September 26, 2016

This one didn't upload the first time and is the last of 3 photos of some of the phases of this night's sunset. It took 11 minutes to get from the first shot to this one, such a fast sunset!! It had been a very dreary day in North Bay aside from what was, according to my neighbours at the front of the apartment building, an outstanding very colourful sunrise. I missed the sunrise but as I watched the evening news the skies brightened and chased away the dull, gray rain clouds. I grabbed my camera and headed to the 6th floor and managed to get the extremely short sunset from start to finish, the first shot through some rain showers and fog as it ended as quickly as it started since some more rain clouds moved in from the west.

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