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Squiggy's New Coat

76867 views Rita Cordeiro May 21, 2022 Toronto, ON Date shot: May 20, 2022

Little Squiggy is looking healthier day by day. I guess all those nuts, berries, and other assorted fruit treats are working their magic. His tail is still a little sparse but he seems to be doing well. He certainly moves quick enough, as I barely have a chance to capture a few pictures of him before he darts off to hide his bounty. "In Greek, the word squirrel means shadow tail." "Squirrel” ultimately comes from the Greek words “skia,” meaning “shadow,” and “oura,” meaning “tail,” which combined to form “skiouros.” Presumably the Greeks noticed that when a squirrel sits, it often raises its bushy tail up against its back and over its head, providing some shade."

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