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Pepé Le Pew Returns!

47527 views Rita Cordeiro October 2, 2022 Toronto, ON Date shot: October 2, 2022

Look who came out hoping for an early evening meal, it's Pepé! Poor little thing must have been absolutely famished to have been out so soon. I watched this critter quite a while, and managed to get quite a few pictures of him scrounging around for anything edible. He must have found very little as I hadn't fed any of the other critters yet. He just sniffed around a bit, dug up a few items, and occasionally would stop and glance my way as if to ask if I had any goodies for him. I actually empathize with these little guys, and feel they get a bad rep. They're only going about living their lives and foraging for food. I simply allowed him to leave him be, until he wandered off. His visits always make a dull day just a bit more entertaining.

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