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Little Bumblebee Bee-uty

67534 views Rita Cordeiro September 8, 2021 Toronto, ON Date shot: September 7, 2021

I absolutely adore Bumblebees! I couldn't resist picking her up to get a few pictures of this beauty, as she buzzed around the wildflowers. "Bumblebee nests are much smaller than those of other species. They have a maximum of 300 to 400 worker bees, compared to the tens of thousands found in a honeybee or wasp nest. For context, there are around 25,000 known species of bee, though there are likely more that have yet to be discovered." "Male bumblebees don’t have a stinger at all, and female bumblebees aren’t very aggressive, so unless you go barging into their nest, you’re likely safe."

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