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Finnigan Fox

52031 views Rita Cordeiro September 18, 2022 Toronto, ON Date shot: September 17, 2022

I was blessed to have this little guy visit today. This kit dropped by and I was fortunate enough to have him sit and pose for me for a few minutes. He headed for the water dish and wandered around perhaps looking for some fruit, but when he found none, he casually sauntered off. This little sweetie drops by occasionally, and has grown accustomed to me being around, that he will just sniff around and frolic in the grass before heading on his merry way. His heart-melting antics always bring a smile to my face. "Fox symbolism and meaning include cleverness, independence, playfulness and mischievousness, beauty, protection, and good luck." "The fox spirit animal is here to remind you that you should never dampen the glow of your inner radiance. You are here to shine. When the fox is your spirit animal, you have a clever and beautiful guide on your side. Fox symbolism reminds us that we all have the capacity to be beautiful and to create vibrant beauty in the world around us."

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