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Beguiling Blue Jay

40173 views Rita Cordeiro October 4, 2022 Toronto, ON Date shot: September 29, 2022

My beautiful Blue Jay friend perched on a nearby branch, and waited for me to bring out more peanuts. I think I went through an entire bag that day, with Alvin and the other squirrels darting around and collecting their fill, this handsome boy had to patiently wait for more. Usually he drops in and leaves but he seems to be growing more used to being around people, so he will hang around for a while and eat nearby. "The Blue Jay is playful yet serious, curious and yet sly, intelligent and cunning. It is also wise and perceptive. Whether a friend or foe, the Blue Jay teaches us how to be realistic and yet optimistic, careful and yet daring. In its expression of personal power, it symbolizes how we can rise above obstacles and challenges in our life.The Blue Jay is a popular bird native to eastern North America, known for its loud song and vibrant blue color which is the same color as the throat chakra - the chakra of truth.They are a symbol of confidence, clarity, vibrancy, intellect."

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