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What happens when a temperature inversion occurs! A Superior Mirage may occur!

9322 views James Roderick McGillawee December 4, 2019 Raglan, Oshawa, ON Date shot: September 23, 2018

1st image is of a Smoke stack @ the Coal fired power plant @ Somerset, NY, seen from Bonny Brae Point in Oshawa's Lakeview Park, some 36 miles across Lake Ontario in normal weather! 2nd image is of the same power plant, when a temperature inversion is bending the light waves to create a Superior Mirage magnification of what is essentially below the horizon! This 2nd image was taken at Coates Rd. just West of the North end of Stevenson Rd. from in front of Mr. Stevens, a plumber's residence, a full 50 miles from the power plant as calculated using Lat. & Long. inserted into the Haversine Formula! This condition occurs only a few times a year! The phenomenon has been known since before 1894 as documented in the Buffalo Evening News when residents were treated to views of the Toronto downtown features by a temperature inversion event!!! This photo is in my thinking a real trophy shot!

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