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Social Distancing & "Ice-Olation"

11149 views Jason Letto April 4, 2020 St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador Date shot: April 3, 2020

My parents who are both 65+, motivate people, full of life and have a great sense of humor, realize how important social distancing and isolation is at this time..... and as they would like to call it "Ice-Olation". Given the smowmageddon winter season they had this year, they thought that it would be encouraging with a little bit of humor to dig a cave or "room" at the end of their driveway and post a sign saying "Ice-olation room" for anyone who walked or drove by. Meanwhile, they made sure to dig the cave in the snowbank only big enough for 1, and take 2 separate pictures so they were not both in the photo at the same time, respecting the current social distancing rules. The sign still remains above the "Ice-Olation Room" and neighbors and people passing by are beginning to take photos to help spread the word that physical distancing is very important. Take Care and Stay S-A-F-E !

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