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Said Goodbye to what, once was.The Sound of Silence. Nose Hill Park.

510 views Tara Little-Pettifor October 20, 2019 Calgary, AB Date shot: October 20, 2019

I went to watch the Sunrise and to walk with the wild, I got the Sunrise. Drawn to an Old Tree, I sat with my back, against the old trunk. The Sound of Silence. The only voices to be heard was a few joggers, dogs, passing by. Shades of soft pink, yellow and orange casting on the land, as the Sun rose, I said, thank you.I use to cross paths with the Coyotes here, or could hear their howls from a short distance, not today, not even one with Magpies at its side, in hopes of left overs. A home that has made them homeless. A park with many predators, chasing, attacking, and even killing. Clay shots shot at them or paintball guns. A place that once, had thousands to protect the Nature and the wildlife, not today, seems like only a few. Without one it cant exist, it slowly dies for not being whole. Today, I said goodbye to what once, was. A Natural area once, where wildlife walked at ease, in peace, once and everything protected and balanced, once.

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