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Poop Park. Lots of illiterate. What new signs????? Listed as protected?

17649 views Tara Little-Pettifor February 18, 2020 Calgary, AB Date shot: February 13, 2020

Nose hill park. Taxpayers paying for new signs that do nothing. Off leash dogs roam all over slopes, all over park and entire park covered in crap. Come spring we get the run off into all our water sources??? Contaminated, injured wildlife and yet suppose to be a protected natural area. What is Council doing about it?? Looks like nothing. Calgary Nature smells on a sunny day. Are the hawks, owls, eagles to be hazed next?? Little itsy bitsys running all over in onleash areas. Is it safer to have dog on leash, when in a natural, so called, natural area? Yes it si, I have witnessed where an itsy bitsy was lifted off ground by a hawk.,luckily no injuries, lady pulled back on leash and dog safe. The new smart, common sense.

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