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Massive Fires in Argentina

431 views Luis Francisco Magni September 26, 2020 Argentina Date shot: September 26, 2020

Despite the fact that at the end of 2019 scientists warned of a decrease in the flow of the Paraná River due to the fires in the Amazon and the appearance of "La Niña" Climate Phenomenon; the agribusiness and real estate lobby decided to ignore it. But ... what does the Amazon have to do with Argentina? Well, forested systems have a great capacity to retain and cycle water for the formation of rain clouds. When this forest is changed for cattle grazing or monocultures, these are not effective to carry out a correct cycling of the water. Thus, the water vapor in the atmosphere decreases considerably and therefore the precipitation. This will cause a decrease in rainfall in Argentina of 20-25%, seriously affecting the agricultural sector and creating conditions for drought and fires. Nowdays (September 26) there are almost 400.000 hectares burned by this intentional fires causing thousands of economic losses, atmospheric pollution in towns or big cities and biodiversity loss.

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