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Linear weather fronts

656 views Joseph C December 27, 2013 Calgary, Alberta Canada Date shot: December 27, 2013

Dec 27/13 - Top two images, from yesterday, show clouds (with aerosols) coming into active Doppler regions. The front appears to be moving inland forming "waves", as it passes over the Doppler and power grid areas. This is reflected in the (top right) Doppler images. Meanwhile, during this time, southern Alberta had a linear cloud front being continuously generated and held in place for almost a full day. This was just east of the Rocky Mountains, what many local spectators called a "chinook". Keep in mind that there are next to no transmitter antennas on those rocky heights, where Doppler EMF is partially blocked and diminished by these rocky mountains. The bottom two images show our recent weather, with an odd sharply-formed triangle-shaped cloud system in southern Alberta. The bottom right image also shows Doppler sites in the U.S. (white dots). All of this, meanwhile, the weather-deceiving media has warned southern Alberta that it will suffer an arctic blast from the "cold front" that will be moving in. The temperature will drop from +7 to frigid cold, with low visibility, snow, and winds of up to 70 km/hr!

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