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Last of the remaining, Native Grasslands, going extinct. Nose Hill Park

41889 views Tara Little-Pettifor May 10, 2019 Calgary, AB Date shot: May 9, 2019

Looks like goats and Sheep have gone through Nose Hill Park, already. Thrashed habitat, broken and trails, new ones all over, nothing but erosion everywhere. Whos taking action to protect? Not Council. Off leash Dog chases about 30 Deer in on leash area. Owner carries on jogging and has no worries, no injury this time. Not only illegal but if your dogs causes injury, death to wildlife, Fish and Wildlife have the authority to have your Dog put down, Worth it? I go for a Sunset with the Wildlife and every time, this is the end result. Tried to get owner but by the time I got there, he was gone. Report a poacher line contacted, pics sent but honestly another gets away from being held accountable for his careless actions. Millions of plants, wildlife going into extinction. One of the largest, remaining grasslands left in all of Canada, its become a Dog Park, lawless and wildlife, habitat being destroyed at a fast rate. Whats so shameful, are the amount of people who don't care, say anythin

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