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City Mislabels Domestic, as wild. Fish & Wildlife give proper name, Domestic.

9665 views Tara Little-Pettifor October 20, 2019 Calgary, AB Date shot: October 20, 2019

10 dumped in a parking lot. All Summer spent trying to get them all, done. Found good homes to the abandoned, I kept 3. City labels them Wildlife, which they are NOT. Fish and Wildlife label them Domestic, feral, proper name. The City would rather you not care, continue to ignore, to lack empathy for those who have been dumped, abandoned, released by irresponsible people. Don't feed them, they say. I would feed an abandoned dog, cat ect. Gineau pigs also called wildlife, after living in the wild after a certain amount of time. A bylaw is needed and to be named properly, domestic is what they are. Domestic they will be named. Half the price to get rescuers to get them safe homes, then to cull and far more humane for all domestic animals.Illegal to dump, abandon any animal in parks.

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