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Chateau Montebello and Norwood

11276 views Amanda DInsdale May 23, 2022 Fairmont le Château Montebello, Rue Notre-Dame, Montebello, QC Date shot: May 21, 2022

We had just arrived at Chateau Montebello in Quebec and settled in when the weather alert went on our phone. We looked out the window to see a wall of wind and rain coming towards us. It snapped this huge maple like a twig and in the aftermath we lost power, the hotel air conditioning was crushed, many trees were down. The staff were incredible, keeping calm and order. We spent the night in complete darkness and candlelight. I was also struck by how a bride and groom walked serenely through the aftermath. We drove hundreds of km back home to Barie and were rendered speechless by the destruction we saw on the way home. I stopped counting at over 100 massive trees. Norwood had a swath of huge trees down along their main street. The last photo is just one of many trees on top of houses.

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