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Another Superior Mirage but of the Skylon Tower in Niagara

974 views James Roderick McGillawee December 4, 2019 Niagara Falls, ON from Raglan, ON Date shot: December 31, 1969

As a follow up to the Superior Mirage of the Somerset NY power plant, from Coates Rd., Raglan, ON, from the 28 shot panel set of the New York State Skyline that evening, and found out later at home on the laptop this shot of the Skylon Tower in Niagara! If this is in fact correct, [confirmed by my neighbor who grew up there!] the distance is 90 miles less a fraction! What an incredibly clear sky that evening and for a temperature inversion to hold that late in the day!!! These are cropped shots, but all originals and crops are backed up on 2 computers, and an external hard drive as they are certainly trophies IMNSHO

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